The Break up

It is never easy to break up with someone whether it is your choice or the others. Some people has a strong shocked emotionally which could lead them to depression or else. These kinds of emotions are not easily to understand by people who never experienced it, and it is not their faults.

So when you are in this situation, just remember that it will last only a short period of time, if you want to. Why I said if you want to? Because some people is afraid to let it go. As they expect the one will come back, which is normal after break up. Most of people still have hope to get back togethers which is also possible. The point is after break up you need to thank you to them to give you the space which is necessary for you to see what is going on inside you. The space which you could get in touch with yourself. What a beautiful gift! Believe it or not, when we are in love we tend to lose ourselves. But it is ok, human nature. You have to learn to respect the decision of your partner, let them go and wish them the best. If you tried to hang on with that you will be the one who drink the poison. I believe none of us wish to drink it.

How to deal with your pain? Heart broken is a serious pain, it’s really painful till most of us decide to do something else to forget about it. Some people just get addicted to work, sports, alcohol, sex, changing partners none stop etc… This is might be a temporary pain reliever but when you are alone, you will feel it again. This could be continued for unlimited time, sometimes you will get lost completely in your own game until you decide to deal with it for real.

There is no secret of healing, you must accept the break up as it is. Accept to feel the pain inside you. Let your body healing by releasing all emotions necessary. There is no coincidence that body were created with 6 emotions principles, anger, fear, sadness, joy, disgust, surprise, those to release emotional tensions from our body. If you ever needed help, please, go to see therapists, they won’t judge you, I promise. Last but not least give yourself massage therapy. Why? Because to heal your soul, you need to heal your body first. Massage therapy could help to release anxiety from your body which helps you alot to feel better fast.

You can come to see me or others masseuses who is passionate about their jobs. Well, I advertise myself little bit, LOL.

Have a nice day


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